The Science

Hygienilac does not employ silver technology and is completely UV stable.

Hygienilac's anti-bacterial properties do not migrate on contact with water.

How does Hygienilac work?

Staph Aureus

  • It prevents the bacteria's access to nutrients so they starve and die
  • It has a kill rate of 99.9 per cent over a 24 hr period
  • It will remain effective for years because of its inherently low water solubility
  • Because of Hygienilac's inherent biocidal properties the furniture can be effective cleaned with Hygienilac cleaner.
What tests have been done?

E Coli

Hygienilac has passed British Standard 6250 tests for severe usage.

The active ingredient has approvals from the following organisations:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approval for indirect or incidental food contact
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

It is non carcinogenic, non mutagenic and non skin sensitising

What bacteria does it work against?
Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate

C Dificile Certificate

C Dificile Certificate

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis MG0024

Certificate of Analysis MG0024

Hygienilac has been tested against the following bacteria:

  • Staphylococcus aureus Methicillin-Resistant Strain (MRSA);
  • Listeria monocytogenes;
  • Clostridium difficile;
  • staphylococcus aureus;
  • salmonella enteriditis;
  • klebsiella pneumoniae;
  • aspergillus niger;
  • pseudomonas aeruginosa;
  • penicillium purpurogenum;
  • bacillus cereus;
  • saccharmyces cerevisiae;
  • Escherichia coli

*Certificate of Analysis dated 4.6.04. The following bacteria were tested against a glass control and showed a 99.9% reduction after 24 hours.

*Certificate of Analysis dated 23.7.04 used against a glass tile control and showed a 99.9% reduction after 24 hours.

*Certificate of Analysis dated 1.7.05 Clostridium difficile showed a 99.9% reduction after 24 hours.

*Certificate of Analysis dated 11.5.07 C difficle spore cells showed a greater than Log 3 reduction obtained after 60 minutes contact time

Hygienilac has received a point 3 award from the NHS Infection Control Rapid Review Panel (Surface Coating Category).

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