Arnott's New Adjustable Feet Bases Beat the Bugs

In response to the current climate of concern about superbugs like MRSA and E-Coli, Northampton based Arnott Handling Equipment has launched a new, innovative range of levelling feet for factory conveyor systems incorporating anti-bacterial Hygienilac.

This will be particularly relevant to food and pharmaceutical producers and processors where hygiene control is of particular importance.

Effective against a number of bacteria including MRSA, C-Difficile, Salmonella and E-Coli and certified by Bodycote Lawlabs, Hygienilac is already used in hospitals and care homes but this is the first time that it has been incorporated into adjustable feet in the conveyor industry.

The additive is homogeneously distributed through the moulded part and locked into the resin matrix, so it never wears off, unlike surface treatments. Furthermore, it does not employ silver technology so is not affected by UV light or by repeated washing and cleaning surfaces with non oxidizing cleaners.

Says Richard Frogley from Arnott Handling Equipment: “We have been supplying companies with standard and bespoke conveyor accessories for over 30 years. We are adjustable feet experts and pride ourselves in being innovative and adapting designs where necessary to meet individual customer’s needs. This new range has been developed to assist our food and pharmaceutical customers in the fight against bacteria.”

Contact: Arnott Handling Equipment Limited
Tel: 01604 882232



With new figures showing worrying increases in MRSA and C difficile associated deaths in hospitals*, Premier Finishes' unique Hygienilac wood lacquer is making a difference in the healthcare market, with a number of furniture manufacturers who supply NHS trusts and care homes using it on their products.  
Hygienilac kills 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA and C difficile (certified by Bodycote Lawlabs and endorsed by the NHS Infection Control Rapid Review Panel). 
Leeds-based Solk Furniture has started using the lacquer on some of its products and is offering it as a standard finish at no extra cost to the customer.  Solk, which was founded in 1886, supplies NHS hospitals and care homes around the country with a range of dining, bedroom and reception furniture. 
Says chairman Jonathan Solk, who is the fourth generation of this family-run company: "We are proud of our heritage and take environmental health very seriously, so we'll do anything we can to help protect patients from acquiring dangerous infections.   
"Initially we are using Hygienilac lacquer on selected dining and reception chairs over the next year, with the aim of using it on all our furniture long term." 

Premier director George Toseland says: "Hygienilac offers manufacturers a real point of difference.  Unlike most biocidal treatments, it remains stable in UV light and goes on working, literally for years. 

"This has budgetary and environmental implications too, as less bleach-based cleaning chemicals need to be used on Hygienilac-treated surfaces.

"Obviously pursuing a basic hygiene programme is essential for those who work in the healthcare industry, but Hygienilac can help make a big difference in the fight against superbugs."

*Deaths through hospital superbugs have increased dramatically - between 2004 and 2005 the number of deaths associated with MRSA rose by 39% from 1,168 to 1,629, while deaths from Clostridium difficile rose by 69%, from 2,247 in 2004 to 3,807 in 2005.  The worrying total is almost 5,500 per year (Office of National Statistics). 



Premier Finishes, the makers of the highly successful anti bacterial Hyglenilac lacquer and additive, have appointed two distributors, one covering Ireland and one covering East Yorkshire and Humberside.

Says Premier Finishes director George Toseland: "Because of the increased demand from manufacturers for the product we have appointed two new distributors and are seeking more to cover the remaining UK regions. We have also launched a stylish new livery design for our tins to feature the logo more prominently and list the bacteria the product is effective against.

"With increasing reports of bacterial infections affecting people in hospitals and care homes, in the catering and leisure industries and in the workplace, our customers can see the value of being able to offer their clients the chance to have their furniture protected over several years - Hygienilac does not use silver technology and so is UV stable, unlike most competitor finishes and cleaners." 

Michael Hughes from Surespray at Castledawson, N Ireland met Hygienilac director Mark Gardner at W6.  The company carries out specialist coatings, spray finishing and powder coating of furniture and fittings for most sectors - health, office, leisure, retail, pharmaceutical and catering - throughout the North and South of Ireland.  He now has exclusive distribution of Hygienilac in Ireland.  Michael says: "Against bacteria like MRSA Hygienilac offers real health benefits.  Our customers have reacted very favourably as it helps their sales too."

Newly appointed distributor for Yorkshire's East Riding, Glen Lazenby is md of Envirocoat Paints in Hull, a spray paint finishing company for shop fitters, kitchen and bedroom manufacturers, furniture companies and decorative product producers.  Glen was asked by a client to locate a biocidal finish product so he went on the internet and found Hygienilac ( 

Says Glen: "This is an innovative product and a lot of people are asking for it - some supplying hospitals and local authorities.  For example this sector currently uses silver technology brushable paints on wall panelling, which lose their effectiveness over time, but if it is Hygienilac paint sprayed it will be effective for much longer, so saving time and money." 

Premier Finishes new re-branded Hygienilac tins now feature the stylish Hygienilac logo more prominently and show at a glance a list of the bacteria it is effective against. 

The lacquer or paint additive is available in Precat or AC format in 5 litre and 25 litre tins.  Bodycote Lawlabs has certified Hygienilac to be effective against the following bacteria which are listed on the tin: listeria monocytogenes; clostridium difficile; staphyloccus aureus; salmonella enteriditis; klebsiella pneumoniae; aspergillus niger; pseudomonas aerunginosa; penicillium purpurogenum; bacillus cereus; saccharmyces cerevisiae; Escherichia coli; and staphyloccus aureus methicillin-strain (MRSA).

Says George Toseland: "Hygienilac is a brand that many people are now aware of and we wanted our new design to reflect this by featuring Hygienilac and the bacteria it's effective against more prominently."



February 2007

Doors can be serious carriers of bacterial infection, particularly in high traffic areas like hospitals and care homes, hotels and restaurants and offices and leisure centres, but so often they get forgotten about.

Now the country's biggest producers of performance doors, Leaderflush Shapland is offering long lasting protection against infection by applying Hygienilac lacquer on all its veneered doors and doorsets. 

Hygienilac is effective against many bacteria including c difficile, MRSA, listeria, salmonella and e coli - as certified by Bodycote Lawlabs.

Says director George Toseland from Premier Finishes (the makers of Hygienilac): "It seems so obvious that doors can harbour bacteria, but they are not always on the radar of facilities managers and specifiers when they're thinking about refurbishment.  Hygienilac lacquer does not use silver technology and so is UV stable, unlike most competitor finishes and cleaners.  This means Hygienilac will go on working for many years."
Kevin Ross, group new product development manager at Leaderflush Shapland says about Hygienilac: "It's simple, cost effective and offers added value for our customers."

Hygienilac is available as a wood lacquer, an additive for paint, plastic and rubber, a finish for carpet and upholstery and as a spray cleaner effective for 72 hours.



December 2006

A unique new product aims to revolutionise potty training for infants from 18 months upwards. 'Max' helps promote independence and bathroom hygiene and reduce the need for ecologically damaging and costly disposable nappies.

Max from On Target Infant Training is a golfball-sized weighted recyclable plastic ball featuring a smiley cartoon face.   When placed in the toilet, Max bobs around and the child is encouraged to pee at the ball.  This provides a point of focus and interest for boys and girls and a fun incentive to use the bathroom and accelerate toilet training. 

Each ball contains Hygienilac, an antibacterial product which kills bacteria on contact, so maintaining a hygienic toilet bowl after flushing.  Hygienilac is not a surface cleaner, it is actually incorporated into the product and goes on working for as long as the product is intact.  It is effective against numerous bacteria including MRSA, salmonella, e-coli, c-difficile and listeria. Because most households use a bleach cleaner in the toilet, which over time damages the Hygienilac action, the makers recommend changing the ball after four weeks.

Says Max's creator Chris Lomas: "Potty training is every parent's nightmare.  Often taking weeks or even months, our research has found that in our busy 21st century lifestyle potty training has been progressively delayed.  Thirty years ago infants were potty trained at around 18 months; now it often takes two or three years.  With my second child, Max, I tried out the invention and Max literally toilet trained overnight.  In honour of this achievement we named the product after him."

"Apart from the convenience and the boost in self confidence for the child, there is a strong environmental argument for early potty training.  We throw away over eight million disposable nappies in the UK every day and nappy waste accounts for more than 4% of all household waste.  What's even more worrying is that it takes the average nappy up to 500 years to decompose - that's around 16 generations!  Some people try to use terry's, but they have their environmental downside too in terms of the soaking and washing that's necessary.  Max also helps children of all ages to keep on target and we've already had interest from schools."

The recommended retail price for a pack of four balls is £6.49, which offers a four month potty training regime - that's under £2 a month.  The product will be available from the end of January in over 700 Superdrug stores around the country, with additional high street stores expected to follow as well as through and other on line retailers.  See the website for more detail on stockists.  Tel: 08454 160528.



November 2006

It's now possible to protect and extend the life of carpets, curtains and upholstery from infection as well as stains, thanks to Fabritec, a new product from top specialist cleaning, repair and restoration company ServiceMaster, which contains the unique biocide Hygienilac. The product is suitable for use in hospitals and care homes; hotels and restaurants and in offices and leisure facilities.

ServiceMaster has worked closely with Premier Finishes, makers of Hygienilac, to develop Fabritec to provide a protective barrier to cross infection for carpet and soft furnishings.  The two have already collaborated to provide ServiceMaster's Furniture Medic restorers with its biocidal wood lacquer for repairing furniture. 

Says director of business development at ServiceMaster, Alan Lewin: "Carpet or soft furnishings will look cleaner and last longer if Fabritec is applied as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance programme.  Of course, sometimes there's no other option but to replace badly soiled items, but if Fabritec treatment is specified for replacement products, the benefits are tangible, both in economic and aesthetic terms, together with the knowledge that users are protected against the spread of common infection from bacteria like MRSA, EColi, CDifficile and Listeria."  

Fabritec exceeds British Standard testing requirements (BSEN 254920: 1992) for soil defence products and is highly effective against staining by many products such as coffee, tea, red wine, lager, blood and urine according to independent testing by SATRA Technology Centre.  But where Fabritec differs from any other similar product on the market is that it is also effective against numerous highly dangerous bacteria.

Says Premier Finishes director Mark Gardner: "The Fabritec results from SATRA Technology Centre determining the resistance to surface wetting were really impressive - overall it scored a higher rate than any competitor product.  The comparison assessment on the leather samples produced an overall rating of 4 (out of 5), ie. 'no wetting, but adherence of small drops to the sprayed surface',  while the samples without the coating produced a very poor rating of 1. Coupled with the biocidal effects of Hygienilac this makes Fabritec a truly unique product."* 

Alan Lewin says: "Providing ServiceMaster's care protection programme is carried out, Fabritec will carry on working for around 12 months where usage is moderate.  We recommend carpets and upholstery should be professionally cleaned at least every six months.   Fabritec can be applied or re-applied in situ to carpets, curtains and upholstery following cleaning and our ServiceMaster Clean operatives around the country have been fully trained to use the product."

See for head office details and a full list of  ServiceMaster Clean franchisees across the country.



September 2006

ServiceMaster one of the UK's top specialist cleaning, repair and restoration organisations, has linked up with specialist wood finishing company Premier Finishes to use its biocidal wood lacquer, Hygienilac, in care homes and other facilities throughout the country. Furniture Medic (a member of the ServiceMaster Family of Brands) is a nationwide service provider of on site furniture repairs and restoration. 

Furniture Medic is now able to offer care homes the opportunity to protect their furniture from harbouring and passing on harmful bacteria to vulnerable clients through the application of Hygienilac wood lacquer as part of its restoration work at no extra cost.   This work is carried out on site by a team of more than 200 dedicated furniture restorers.

Hygienilac carries on working for the lifetime of the lacquer, potentially up to 10 years, killing many different bacterial strains including MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli and C Difficile.   Independently certified for Premier by respected Birmingham laboratory Bodycote Lawlabs, Furniture Medic carried out its own additional testing to verify the biocide's properties.

Alan Lewin, Director of Business Development at ServiceMaster says: "We are very excited about the opportunities presented by Hygienilac and the benefits derived from use of the product. Heightened awareness of furniture as a possible carrier of infection means care home owners are often tempted to dispose of damaged and worn furniture, rather than think about repairing or restoring it.  With the opportunity to economically restore furniture to an as new condition and protect it from harbouring and transferring bacteria, there is now an environmental and financial benefit to prolonging the life of furniture."

Furniture Medic is also working with furniture manufacturers fulfilling new care home contracts through the establishment of a Hygienilac after care package.  Damaged furniture will no longer need to be replaced as Furniture Medic can repair and treat it on the premises, causing less disruption to the care home owner and a more economical after sales service for the manufacturer.



A new rubber shred safety surface, Terrasofta, for children's play areas is protective, colourful and fun, and as it's treated with Hygienilac biocide, it's also safe and clean for the lifetime of the product.

Terrasofta is part of the Watts of Lydney Group which manufactures rubber tyres.  The company has come up with an ingenious and ecological solution to end-of-life industrial tyres by recycling them into rubber mulch for domestic and industrial play areas. 

Incredibly resilient, non-decomposing, non toxic and low maintenance, the all weather product has been tested to prevent serious injury to children falling from play equipment up to three metres high. 

However, play surfaces of whatever composition tend to get dirty very quickly, which is a worry for parents - particularly as children like to put foreign objects in their mouth!   But Terrasofta remains clean and protects kids from cross infection as it is coated with Hygienilac, made by Premier Finishes, which has been certified by Bodycote Law Labs to kill a wide variety of bacteria including MRSA, listeria, E-Coli and salmonella.  Unlike a biocidal cleaner, Hygienilac goes on working for the lifetime of the Terrasofta - in other words many years - as the product is virtually indestructible.  

Says Terrasofta's business development director Karen Holton: "Our children are the most precious aspects of our lives, so it is only human nature that we should try to protect them.   Terrasofta is a win win product as it protects children both from falls and from infection, but it also plays its part in helping the environment as if the tyres were not converted in this way they would end up in a land fill site!

"Apart from the safety and ecological aspect, municipal officers and parents can take heart that the product requires virtually no maintenance and being so resilient it is extremely cost effective."

Available in 20kg bags in a variety of colours including green, brown and blue, Terrasofta retails at "16.99.  Metre square mats are also available.   It complies with BSEN 1177:1998 (critical fall height) and BSEN 71-3:1995 including A1:2000 (toxicity/heavy metals).  A fire retardant version is also available.  Terrasofta is a member of RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents).  See


Hush Puppies Get Hygienilac Treatment to Kill Bacteria

Smelly feet, caused by bacterial activity and by athletes foot, are the scourge of over 20% of sporty and sedentary teenagers and adults alike.  Now they have met their match with a biocidal additive called Hygienilac, made by Premier Finishes.  Top footwear manufacturer Hush Puppies have used Hygienilac impregnated foot bed insoles in their BodyMoc range of men's shoes, effective for the lifetime of the shoes, to help make smelly feet a thing of the past.

Says Stephen Bonnell, a polymer engineer and founder of BNL Polymer Engineering, "Hygienilac is a breakthrough in hygiene management and it has unrivalled pathogen killing properties.  It can be added to plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene.  The additive is homogeneously distributed through the moulded part and locked into the resin matrix, so it never wears off, unlike surface treatments, and will protect virtually any type of plastic from cross infection.

"Over several months we've been working with Hush Puppies to develop a foot bed insole that will really make a difference to wearers. By killing the bacteria produced by warm, sweaty feet, Hygienilac removes the breeding conditions for the athletes foot fungus, which means feet are more comfortable and less likely to smell - good news for both sufferers and their nearest and dearest!"

Says Julie Bradley, Marketing Manager for Hush Puppies UK, "We know this new collection will have a real impact on foot health in everyone that buys the BodyMoc range."

But it doesn't just stop at shoes, Hygienilac protects virtually any type of plastic from cross infection.  Says Stephen: "We've been working with office furniture and medical product companies to incorporate Hygienilac into products such as door push plates and keyboard pads for offices, bottle holders and children's toys."

Hygienilac for medical products

Cellular Mouldings, has been adding Hygienilac to its complete range of polyurethane foam moulded products destined for hospitals and care homes,  but is not passing the extra cost on to customers because the company thinks it's so important.

Managing direct David Matthews says: "We produce a range of products for top UK companies, both standard and custom built, such as components for medical and emergency equipment for hospitals and care homes.  We also make products used in office furniture, exercise and leisure products, electrical equipment and aircraft interiors.

"Although some areas are more high risk than others - such as hospitals - we were so impressed with Hygienilac we made the decision to add it to all our polyurethane foam moulded products, whatever their application.  Anything that helps prevent the spread of bacterial infection has to be a good thing, and we have had a very positive reaction from our clients."

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