Premier Finishes, the makers of the highly successful anti bacterial Hyglenilac lacquer and additive, have appointed two distributors, one covering Ireland and one covering East Yorkshire and Humberside.

Says Premier Finishes director George Toseland: "Because of the increased demand from manufacturers for the product we have appointed two new distributors and are seeking more to cover the remaining UK regions. We have also launched a stylish new livery design for our tins to feature the logo more prominently and list the bacteria the product is effective against.

"With increasing reports of bacterial infections affecting people in hospitals and care homes, in the catering and leisure industries and in the workplace, our customers can see the value of being able to offer their clients the chance to have their furniture protected over several years - Hygienilac does not use silver technology and so is UV stable, unlike most competitor finishes and cleaners." 

Michael Hughes from Surespray at Castledawson, N Ireland met Hygienilac director Mark Gardner at W6.  The company carries out specialist coatings, spray finishing and powder coating of furniture and fittings for most sectors - health, office, leisure, retail, pharmaceutical and catering - throughout the North and South of Ireland.  He now has exclusive distribution of Hygienilac in Ireland.  Michael says: "Against bacteria like MRSA Hygienilac offers real health benefits.  Our customers have reacted very favourably as it helps their sales too."

Newly appointed distributor for Yorkshire's East Riding, Glen Lazenby is md of Envirocoat Paints in Hull, a spray paint finishing company for shop fitters, kitchen and bedroom manufacturers, furniture companies and decorative product producers.  Glen was asked by a client to locate a biocidal finish product so he went on the internet and found Hygienilac ( 

Says Glen: "This is an innovative product and a lot of people are asking for it - some supplying hospitals and local authorities.  For example this sector currently uses silver technology brushable paints on wall panelling, which lose their effectiveness over time, but if it is Hygienilac paint sprayed it will be effective for much longer, so saving time and money." 

Premier Finishes new re-branded Hygienilac tins now feature the stylish Hygienilac logo more prominently and show at a glance a list of the bacteria it is effective against. 

The lacquer or paint additive is available in Precat or AC format in 5 litre and 25 litre tins.  Bodycote Lawlabs has certified Hygienilac to be effective against the following bacteria which are listed on the tin: listeria monocytogenes; clostridium difficile; staphyloccus aureus; salmonella enteriditis; klebsiella pneumoniae; aspergillus niger; pseudomonas aerunginosa; penicillium purpurogenum; bacillus cereus; saccharmyces cerevisiae; Escherichia coli; and staphyloccus aureus methicillin-strain (MRSA).

Says George Toseland: "Hygienilac is a brand that many people are now aware of and we wanted our new design to reflect this by featuring Hygienilac and the bacteria it's effective against more prominently."

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