Hush Puppies Get Hygienilac Treatment to Kill Bacteria

Smelly feet, caused by bacterial activity and by athletes foot, are the scourge of over 20% of sporty and sedentary teenagers and adults alike.  Now they have met their match with a biocidal additive called Hygienilac, made by Premier Finishes.  Top footwear manufacturer Hush Puppies have used Hygienilac impregnated foot bed insoles in their BodyMoc range of men's shoes, effective for the lifetime of the shoes, to help make smelly feet a thing of the past.

Says Stephen Bonnell, a polymer engineer and founder of BNL Polymer Engineering, "Hygienilac is a breakthrough in hygiene management and it has unrivalled pathogen killing properties.  It can be added to plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene.  The additive is homogeneously distributed through the moulded part and locked into the resin matrix, so it never wears off, unlike surface treatments, and will protect virtually any type of plastic from cross infection.

"Over several months we've been working with Hush Puppies to develop a foot bed insole that will really make a difference to wearers. By killing the bacteria produced by warm, sweaty feet, Hygienilac removes the breeding conditions for the athletes foot fungus, which means feet are more comfortable and less likely to smell - good news for both sufferers and their nearest and dearest!"

Says Julie Bradley, Marketing Manager for Hush Puppies UK, "We know this new collection will have a real impact on foot health in everyone that buys the BodyMoc range."

But it doesn't just stop at shoes, Hygienilac protects virtually any type of plastic from cross infection.  Says Stephen: "We've been working with office furniture and medical product companies to incorporate Hygienilac into products such as door push plates and keyboard pads for offices, bottle holders and children's toys."

Hygienilac for medical products

Cellular Mouldings, has been adding Hygienilac to its complete range of polyurethane foam moulded products destined for hospitals and care homes,  but is not passing the extra cost on to customers because the company thinks it's so important.

Managing direct David Matthews says: "We produce a range of products for top UK companies, both standard and custom built, such as components for medical and emergency equipment for hospitals and care homes.  We also make products used in office furniture, exercise and leisure products, electrical equipment and aircraft interiors.

"Although some areas are more high risk than others - such as hospitals - we were so impressed with Hygienilac we made the decision to add it to all our polyurethane foam moulded products, whatever their application.  Anything that helps prevent the spread of bacterial infection has to be a good thing, and we have had a very positive reaction from our clients."

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