With new figures showing worrying increases in MRSA and C difficile associated deaths in hospitals*, Premier Finishes' unique Hygienilac wood lacquer is making a difference in the healthcare market, with a number of furniture manufacturers who supply NHS trusts and care homes using it on their products.  
Hygienilac kills 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA and C difficile (certified by Bodycote Lawlabs and endorsed by the NHS Infection Control Rapid Review Panel). 
Leeds-based Solk Furniture has started using the lacquer on some of its products and is offering it as a standard finish at no extra cost to the customer.  Solk, which was founded in 1886, supplies NHS hospitals and care homes around the country with a range of dining, bedroom and reception furniture. 
Says chairman Jonathan Solk, who is the fourth generation of this family-run company: "We are proud of our heritage and take environmental health very seriously, so we'll do anything we can to help protect patients from acquiring dangerous infections.   
"Initially we are using Hygienilac lacquer on selected dining and reception chairs over the next year, with the aim of using it on all our furniture long term." 

Premier director George Toseland says: "Hygienilac offers manufacturers a real point of difference.  Unlike most biocidal treatments, it remains stable in UV light and goes on working, literally for years. 

"This has budgetary and environmental implications too, as less bleach-based cleaning chemicals need to be used on Hygienilac-treated surfaces.

"Obviously pursuing a basic hygiene programme is essential for those who work in the healthcare industry, but Hygienilac can help make a big difference in the fight against superbugs."

*Deaths through hospital superbugs have increased dramatically - between 2004 and 2005 the number of deaths associated with MRSA rose by 39% from 1,168 to 1,629, while deaths from Clostridium difficile rose by 69%, from 2,247 in 2004 to 3,807 in 2005.  The worrying total is almost 5,500 per year (Office of National Statistics). 

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