February 2007

Doors can be serious carriers of bacterial infection, particularly in high traffic areas like hospitals and care homes, hotels and restaurants and offices and leisure centres, but so often they get forgotten about.

Now the country's biggest producers of performance doors, Leaderflush Shapland is offering long lasting protection against infection by applying Hygienilac lacquer on all its veneered doors and doorsets. 

Hygienilac is effective against many bacteria including c difficile, MRSA, listeria, salmonella and e coli - as certified by Bodycote Lawlabs.

Says director George Toseland from Premier Finishes (the makers of Hygienilac): "It seems so obvious that doors can harbour bacteria, but they are not always on the radar of facilities managers and specifiers when they're thinking about refurbishment.  Hygienilac lacquer does not use silver technology and so is UV stable, unlike most competitor finishes and cleaners.  This means Hygienilac will go on working for many years."
Kevin Ross, group new product development manager at Leaderflush Shapland says about Hygienilac: "It's simple, cost effective and offers added value for our customers."

Hygienilac is available as a wood lacquer, an additive for paint, plastic and rubber, a finish for carpet and upholstery and as a spray cleaner effective for 72 hours.

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