November 2006

It's now possible to protect and extend the life of carpets, curtains and upholstery from infection as well as stains, thanks to Fabritec, a new product from top specialist cleaning, repair and restoration company ServiceMaster, which contains the unique biocide Hygienilac. The product is suitable for use in hospitals and care homes; hotels and restaurants and in offices and leisure facilities.

ServiceMaster has worked closely with Premier Finishes, makers of Hygienilac, to develop Fabritec to provide a protective barrier to cross infection for carpet and soft furnishings.  The two have already collaborated to provide ServiceMaster's Furniture Medic restorers with its biocidal wood lacquer for repairing furniture. 

Says director of business development at ServiceMaster, Alan Lewin: "Carpet or soft furnishings will look cleaner and last longer if Fabritec is applied as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance programme.  Of course, sometimes there's no other option but to replace badly soiled items, but if Fabritec treatment is specified for replacement products, the benefits are tangible, both in economic and aesthetic terms, together with the knowledge that users are protected against the spread of common infection from bacteria like MRSA, EColi, CDifficile and Listeria."  

Fabritec exceeds British Standard testing requirements (BSEN 254920: 1992) for soil defence products and is highly effective against staining by many products such as coffee, tea, red wine, lager, blood and urine according to independent testing by SATRA Technology Centre.  But where Fabritec differs from any other similar product on the market is that it is also effective against numerous highly dangerous bacteria.

Says Premier Finishes director Mark Gardner: "The Fabritec results from SATRA Technology Centre determining the resistance to surface wetting were really impressive - overall it scored a higher rate than any competitor product.  The comparison assessment on the leather samples produced an overall rating of 4 (out of 5), ie. 'no wetting, but adherence of small drops to the sprayed surface',  while the samples without the coating produced a very poor rating of 1. Coupled with the biocidal effects of Hygienilac this makes Fabritec a truly unique product."* 

Alan Lewin says: "Providing ServiceMaster's care protection programme is carried out, Fabritec will carry on working for around 12 months where usage is moderate.  We recommend carpets and upholstery should be professionally cleaned at least every six months.   Fabritec can be applied or re-applied in situ to carpets, curtains and upholstery following cleaning and our ServiceMaster Clean operatives around the country have been fully trained to use the product."

See for head office details and a full list of  ServiceMaster Clean franchisees across the country.

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