September 2006

ServiceMaster one of the UK's top specialist cleaning, repair and restoration organisations, has linked up with specialist wood finishing company Premier Finishes to use its biocidal wood lacquer, Hygienilac, in care homes and other facilities throughout the country. Furniture Medic (a member of the ServiceMaster Family of Brands) is a nationwide service provider of on site furniture repairs and restoration. 

Furniture Medic is now able to offer care homes the opportunity to protect their furniture from harbouring and passing on harmful bacteria to vulnerable clients through the application of Hygienilac wood lacquer as part of its restoration work at no extra cost.   This work is carried out on site by a team of more than 200 dedicated furniture restorers.

Hygienilac carries on working for the lifetime of the lacquer, potentially up to 10 years, killing many different bacterial strains including MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli and C Difficile.   Independently certified for Premier by respected Birmingham laboratory Bodycote Lawlabs, Furniture Medic carried out its own additional testing to verify the biocide's properties.

Alan Lewin, Director of Business Development at ServiceMaster says: "We are very excited about the opportunities presented by Hygienilac and the benefits derived from use of the product. Heightened awareness of furniture as a possible carrier of infection means care home owners are often tempted to dispose of damaged and worn furniture, rather than think about repairing or restoring it.  With the opportunity to economically restore furniture to an as new condition and protect it from harbouring and transferring bacteria, there is now an environmental and financial benefit to prolonging the life of furniture."

Furniture Medic is also working with furniture manufacturers fulfilling new care home contracts through the establishment of a Hygienilac after care package.  Damaged furniture will no longer need to be replaced as Furniture Medic can repair and treat it on the premises, causing less disruption to the care home owner and a more economical after sales service for the manufacturer.

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