A new rubber shred safety surface, Terrasofta, for children's play areas is protective, colourful and fun, and as it's treated with Hygienilac biocide, it's also safe and clean for the lifetime of the product.

Terrasofta is part of the Watts of Lydney Group which manufactures rubber tyres.  The company has come up with an ingenious and ecological solution to end-of-life industrial tyres by recycling them into rubber mulch for domestic and industrial play areas. 

Incredibly resilient, non-decomposing, non toxic and low maintenance, the all weather product has been tested to prevent serious injury to children falling from play equipment up to three metres high. 

However, play surfaces of whatever composition tend to get dirty very quickly, which is a worry for parents - particularly as children like to put foreign objects in their mouth!   But Terrasofta remains clean and protects kids from cross infection as it is coated with Hygienilac, made by Premier Finishes, which has been certified by Bodycote Law Labs to kill a wide variety of bacteria including MRSA, listeria, E-Coli and salmonella.  Unlike a biocidal cleaner, Hygienilac goes on working for the lifetime of the Terrasofta - in other words many years - as the product is virtually indestructible.  

Says Terrasofta's business development director Karen Holton: "Our children are the most precious aspects of our lives, so it is only human nature that we should try to protect them.   Terrasofta is a win win product as it protects children both from falls and from infection, but it also plays its part in helping the environment as if the tyres were not converted in this way they would end up in a land fill site!

"Apart from the safety and ecological aspect, municipal officers and parents can take heart that the product requires virtually no maintenance and being so resilient it is extremely cost effective."

Available in 20kg bags in a variety of colours including green, brown and blue, Terrasofta retails at "16.99.  Metre square mats are also available.   It complies with BSEN 1177:1998 (critical fall height) and BSEN 71-3:1995 including A1:2000 (toxicity/heavy metals).  A fire retardant version is also available.  Terrasofta is a member of RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents).  See

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